Commercial collections

Commercial Collections Services

  • Counseling for successful collections strategies:
    • We advise clients on how to most effectively use proper documentation, such as credit applications and personal guarantees, to help them collect a debt.
    • We advise how clients can approach their customers to get money that is owed. We also suggest how long clients should wait before contacting an attorney to collect the money if the debtor still doesn’t pay.
    • We help determine the best possible ways to obtain personal guarantees and necessary signatures. 
  • Attorney demand letters:
    • When a business is owed money, we write a letter to the debtor. We communicate the seriousness of the matter, as well as the prospect of litigation if the debt is not paid.
    • If the debtor doesn’t respond, we ask our client if they want to commence litigation, and we follow up if applicable.
  • Prosecution of all types of collection matters: 
    • We represent any business that sells goods or provides services – but they have not received payment on completion of the sale or services.
    • We focus on accounts receivable litigation for commercial debt – not consumer debt.
    • We also represent other clients collecting commercial loans and promissory notes, negotiable instruments, and other commercial obligations.
  • Formation of credit interchanges and exchange of information:  
    • We coordinate with companies who have common customer bases or are in the same industry. We facilitate monthly conversations, so they can learn from each other’s experiences regarding credit-worthiness of their common customer base in their industry.
    • We conduct research and provide recommendations based on trends for accounts receivable, so participants can see what’s owed and which companies can handle owing different amounts to organizations in their industry. We facilitate group meetings to discuss our findings.
    • As a result, participating companies have relevant detailed information, so each company can make better decisions for credit and debt collection in each unique circumstance.

In each case of commercial collections and judgment enforcement, we work towards obtaining settlements by being fair and kind – and we only get paid if we collect.

If you have a question or if you’d like to learn more about which service is right for your businessplease contact us and we’ll have a conversation to discuss next steps.