From our experience at Rosenthal & Goldhaber, we find that potential clients often ask questions similar to the following when they’re thinking about the best possible approach for commercial collections or judgment enforcement. 

We hope the answers below are helpful starting points — but to discuss relevant details for your unique circumstances, please contact us and we’ll have a conversation to discuss next steps.

When a client comes to Rosenthal & Goldhaber to obtain money that is owed, the client feels that it has already suffered a loss of assets. Thus, there is little to no desire to throw good money after bad by paying an hourly rate to collect the lost funds.

That is why our services are provided on a contingency basis. Our firm does not collect a fee unless we are able to recover money that is due to the client. However, should litigation, or judgment enforcement, be required, the client would be responsible for the court costs and disbursements expended. These expenses, while usually minimal, are different for each matter, and will be discussed with each client before and during the collections process.

There is no requirement that anyone hire our firm to collect money due to it, or to enforce a judgment that it has obtained. However, the rules for corporations and individuals are different. Corporations are required to be represented by an attorney in court (with the exception of small claims/commercial claims court).

Once a matter must be litigated in the District/Civil Court or the Supreme Court, a corporation MUST be represented by an attorney. However, an individual may proceed on their own. The courts, however, will require you to be well-versed in the law and procedure as you proceed with litigation.

Additionally, once a judgment has been rendered, you may search for assets on your own. However, in both instances (pre-judgment litigation and judgment enforcement), Rosenthal & Goldhaber has the knowledge and experience to effectively obtain a judgment for the debt that our clients are owed, and also to locate assets to satisfy the judgment that has been obtained.

Since 1940, Rosenthal & Goldhaber has been helping clients recover money owed for various reasons. Our firm currently handles the following types of matters:

  • Collection of Accounts Receivable for Goods Sold and Delivered
  • Collection of Accounts Receivable for Services Rendered by Professionals (Attorneys, Accountants, Architects, Engineers, and others)
  • Collection of Unpaid Commercial Loans
  • Collection of Unpaid Commercial Negotiable Instruments
  • Collection of Unpaid Commercial Rent (after tenancy has been vacated)
  • Enforcement of All Money Judgments